Day 052 – Boat interior FINISHED! Considering options.

19 July 2021

Whew! Thanks to my friend Tim – enormous thanks! – the interior of my boat is now empty, clean and in presentable condition. Photos below. The exterior needs to be power washed and it will look at LOT better, then.

“Inspiration” is 13 meters long (42 feet), sits 2 meters (6 ft 4 in) deep in the water (to the bottom of the keel), and weighs 11,566 kgs (25,500 pounds). I am 1.9 meters tall (6 ft 3 in) and can walk anywhere in the interior without bumping my head.

The interior is looking so nice I’m seriously considering keeping the boat, putting it back in the water, and using it as a second home for when I’m in the USA. The issue is money, of course. It is MUCH more expensive to keep a 2nd home, even a boat, in the USA than it is to keep a home in Namibia. I am still considering the options. I start travelling “for real” the first week in August, and will be in a better position to decide come the end of August or September. COVID is so bad in Namibia right now that I’m not in a hurry to return and, fortunately, have options. But I will go back home to Namibia at some point.

For those of you who have been wondering about this boat/home I talk about so much – the following will give you an idea of what “Inspiration” is like. It has been out of the water (as you see it here) for 6.5 years while I’ve been in Namibia. It needs a lot of work to the rigging before it could be ready for open ocean sailing again.

And the interior – before and after/now:

Finally, it’s a (poor) photo of the boat photograph above the nav station, but for the moment it’s the best picture I have of “Inspiration” under sail in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay – 1989.

Sorry about the poor quality – it’s a photo of a photo in bad light. Best I can do for now.

This was my home for 25 years, and may be again when I’m in the USA.

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4 thoughts on “Day 052 – Boat interior FINISHED! Considering options.

  1. Hi Andy, good to hear from after long time. Inspiration looks fabulous. Covid is improving a bit this week. Govt might relax some of the restrictions soon. We expect kids to start face-face schooling early in August. Think of coming back in September. Cheers

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