This section is for a list of topics to cover in future blogs. I’ll add some as they occur to me, and as I have time, and it would be great if you suggest things you’d like to hear about. Just comment on a current entry and I’ll add it to a list to be published periodically.

Currently, these are ideas I have in the hopper. Please comment on what you’d like to see first.

  • My typical day
  • Home description and environment
  • TB and HIV/Aids in Namibia
  • Small business challenges and opportunities
  • Personal stories of interactions when they happen
  • Penduka Trust – details on what goes on here
  • Wildlife
  • Namibian government
  • Forming the Namibian Constitution (the country is 25 years old! The man who headed the constitutional commission is now the President.)
  • Pre Service Training for Peace Corps Volunteers – what and why?
  • Namibian Economy
  • Goals and operating standards in the Peace Corps. Who they are as a development agency, and how they differ from other development agencies.
  • Languages in Namibia
  • Traditional clothing in Namibia
  • Namibian History
  • Differing tribes in Namibia
  • How does the “real” Namibia/Africa differ from the usual presentation in the USA?
  • Other aid organizations working in Namibia
  • Technology and the internet in Namibia
  • Windhoek (the capital) and descriptions of other cities, towns, and villages in Namibia.
  • Regions (states) in Namibia

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