Day 044 – Update and clarifying some things

11 July 2021 – Day 44

This is an update – minimal photos and clarifying some things.

I was a bit surprised to hear that “word is out” I have left Oranjemund for good. Not true. I am gone for a minimum of three months (through August, now probably September) and plan to be back to Namibia at some point. A friend is living at my house for the duration. Why would I leave permanently just as I was given Permanent Residence Status? Odd that I didn’t hear from anyone directly asking.

My goal for June and July is continuing to move forward. I’m attaching a few photos of my boat/home for the 25 years before I moved to Namibia in 2015. These are “Before/After25/Now” photos. By the end of July, I plan to have it listed for sale and then will have nothing in the USA that I own other than a few items of memorabilia in storage with a friend.

Before- When I bought the boat in 1989, it was named “Inspiration”.

After25 – “Inspiration” prepared to go into storage in April 2015 filled with literally everything I owned.

Now – as of 11 July. All the household goods stored on the inside are sold or otherwise disposed of. I’m still cleaning and prepping the interior, and the exterior will be cleaned before the end of next week most likely.

I’ve also been visiting friends and my daughter, and taking care of loads of stuff that can only be done here in the USA.

Starting the first week of August I depart this area and start travelling in earnest.

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