Contact Me

Personal contacts are welcomed.

  • Mail and packages:

Packages sent USPS Priority Mail International require about six to eight weeks to get here from the USA.

Andy Garrison
c/o OMD 2030
PO Box 106
#18 7th Avenue
Oranjemund, Namibia 23015

  • eMail

  • Phone Numbers

Mobile: +264 81 212 6861
OMD 2030 (backup only): +264 63 234 323

  • Personal Contact
    (Any of these are OK for personal contact, also.)

WhatsApp: (Free international texts and calls)  ID by cell phone (above)
SKYPE: agarrison71
+264 63 234 323 (OMD 2030)

  • Emergency contacts:
    Best: OMD 2030 (+264 63 234 323) or Anyone there can help.
    Friend: Sue Cooper (+264 81 208 4232), or
    Home Phone: Sue or Tryg (+264 63 234 724) Try cell first
    Friend: Mike Alexander (cell: +264 81 129 3181), or
    Michele Alexander (+264 81 129 3182), or
    Mike or Michele: Work (+264 63 232 006)American Embassy in Windhoek, Namibia:
    Phone: 061-295-8500
    Fax: 061-295-8603
    Friends at the embassy who know me personally:
    Mark Hitchcock, Walter Parrs


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One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Andy: This turned out to be simpler than I thought. For some reason I got sidetracked in the procedure for creating web page or a blog. Might want to do that too, but not now. Assuming this works, I’ll comment here from now on.


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