The “About the shipwreck of the “Bom Jesus” from 1533″ Category

With apologies, I just realized these new posts are being emailed to the OLD WITWIA mailing list, and you would have already gotten two of them. Sorry! I am refreshing the WITWIA site, and will turn off the automatic emails until I complete the work, then let you know.

This is being done as part of my NEW blog “LIFEATSEA.BLOG”, which is, and will be, the story of my upcoming three-year cruise on an around-the-world trip, working aboard, while stopping at 375 destinations, 135 countries, and 7 continents. For more information, see LIFEATSEA.BLOG.

The Category will include information about a shipwreck found off the shorline of Oranjemund in 2008. It turned out to the the artifacts from the “Bom Jesus”, a Portuguese trading vessel lost at sea in 1533. It is a fascinating story all through the current situation with lots of amazing history and has turned into a passion of mine since arriving in Oranjemund. Stay tuned for the stories to come.

4 thoughts on “The “About the shipwreck of the “Bom Jesus” from 1533″ Category

  1. I’ve not read of your recent adventures yet but soon I will. I wanted to Holler at you from accross the globe “Hi Uncle Andy:” Been thinking about you and your welfare. Looking great on both accountsd as far as I can tell. Be well Uncle! With Lots of love! Scott Pfeifle

    1. Hi Scott! To many years have gone by since we spoke. Thanks for reaching out. 

      I’m also sending this to the last email address I had for you (bcc). If that doesn’t get through, leave another comment on WITWIA.  

      Let’s zoom and re-acquaint ourselves! 


  2. All sounds great, Andy!




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