Day 004 – Mobile!

1 June 2021

I’ve been in the USA two days and I’m exhausted! Most of today spent getting a car, basic food for my BnB, and driving 45 min to Sausalito to get my PO Box contents. Driving on the right side of the road is weird! And it’s just wrong to sit on the left side of the car with the steering wheel in front of me! I’ve already bumped into several friends and set up times to get together. I’m very happy to be here because of the connections to so many people here. But things are so EXPENSIVE! Aisch.

My BnB host, Curtis, is great. The location is very quiet, suburban, and perfect for what I need for the next two months. I took a few photos for my Africa friends but will post them tomorrow when I have some energy in the morning!

I feel like I’m letting things slide (how typical is that!) but then i remind myself I’ve only been here for two days! I have my African playlists on Spotify in the background and feel a little homesick for Namibia. It feels nice, actually.

I was getting ready to call friends Bev and Steve (21:00) here, and I realized they were no longer six hours behind me but three hours ahead! It was midnight their time in Maryland! Glad I realized it before I dialed! I did call and talk to Tim who lives just north of here and we decided to get together when he recovers from an uncomfortable case of Poison Oak! That’s what he gets for playing Boy Scout in the brush!

I do think I’ll have images, stories, etc. tomorrow. I’m still battling jet lag and too many things to do (now done) to get settled.

3 thoughts on “Day 004 – Mobile!

  1. Glad to hear you are back on the west coast! If you make it down to L.A. give Jim and I a call. I sent you an email the other day with not a clue you were in our hemisphere!

    1. Hi Renee! I just read your email this morning, and will reply personally but wanted to post a comment to your note here.

      Yesterday was a pivotal day on my trip. At a flea market, most of what I continued to own in the USA in the way of household goods was sold at a flea market when I emptied my boat/home of everything over the past month. I am now pretty much free of “stuff” owned in the US, and I’ll figure out how to take adequate care of my boat, possibly selling it, by the time I move on in early August.

      July is about getting back in touch with friends (which will include you, of course) and catching everyone up with things. I’m doing very well, happy, and feel a strong ability and desire to move to the next phase of life. I miss my new home (Namibia) and am comfortable here in the USA but I don’t miss it.

      More to come.

  2. Hahaha! Forty FIve minute drive for shopping, bet you miss the five minute walk from your house to Spar for a coffee in the morning, bumping into the odd Gemsbok en route!

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