Day 001

At the gate now. An hour before boarding. I am beginning to think this trip is really going to happen!

Windhoek. Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Me, incognito like everyone else!

This used to be a tiny little airport! It was renovated while everyone was staying away. Really nice now. Still relatively small.

On the drive to the airport (thanks David), I realized how much I was going to miss Namibia.

Sorry I havent posted since leaving Oranjemund Sunday – six days ago. Windhoek turned out to  be a lot busier than I planned, but  in a good way. Unfortunately I was not able to see a people I wanted to see before I left. Turns out I’ve made a lot of friends in Namibia. That feels very nice.

I am trying out a folding keyboard I’ve had for years but not used much. It will take some getting used to. I’m spending way too much time correcting myself. Hopefully with practice it will get easier

More when I can. Writing on the keyboard in the boarding area is a bit too much of a challenge!

Can’t get this one to rotate! I have a lot to learn!

Got a note from my daughter happy to hear I was on my way I am very much looking forward to seeing her!

More when I can. Stay tuned. This was “produced” on my Android.

3 thoughts on “Day 001

  1. Hi Andy, You’re probably in the air right now but all the best from me. Have a great trip and don’t forget if you’re coming anywhere near the UK, let me know. Best regards, Gerald

    Gerald Hawke +44 7976 545211


  2. I use to jest with you Andy , “Yankee! Go Home!”

    It’s about time you ventured back to the Northern Hemisphere, we down South in the desert look forward to see how your great American Adventure unfolds!

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