036 – Planes, then trains, then ???

If you noticed, my latest blog wasn’t appearing at the top of the blog page. That should be fixed, now. I have a LOT to learn about how to run a blot site! I’ll just add one new “learn” per day and maybe within a month or so I will have the minimum level of competence. We’ll see.

PLEASE do “follow” this blog (button at the lower right). All that does is notify you by email when I post a blog, and it helps me know people are watching so I need to keep up with the writing. I expect more “exciting” blogs come June-July, then I start serious traveling in August. But I’m going to post a lot before then. I’m committed to daily writing with my small writer’s group, and many of the daily writings (like this one) will end up on the blog. I’ll make sure and put some “news” in more and more often so it isn’t just a description of me contemplating my figurative navel all the time. 

Oh, for those of you that commented – thanks! This is going to get me back in touch with all kinds of people I have neglected to write. My next step in learning how to run the blog will be figuring out how to better reply on comments, etc. I know it’s all possible, I just don’t know how as yet.

Yesterday I booked a trip from the Bay area to Chicago on the California Zephyr in early August! I’ll be travelling with a friend which will be the first time in many years I’ve taken a trip with someone! It’s about time. (Now you know what the title of this blog means.)

While making those reservations, I got more acquainted with Amtrak, and will probably try to make my way across the USA completely by train, or at least as much as possible. I have the beginnings of a trip web site started, and may be able to link to it so you can see routings, dates, etc. I have the time, and will save a lot of money. Since I’m not bounded by time constraints, it will probably be much more enjoyable.

The number of things to take care of is daunting, but I’ve started meditating daily and that helps with all kinds of things. There is a calendar on the wall in front of my desk that goes to the day I depart Namibia and start my trip, and there aren’t that many days left! Aich.

I’m publishing even short posts (like this one) as a matter of training for myself. Try not to be too bored by these early posts – I’m training myself to be more public so when I do start traveling it will be easier to write about it with less self-awareness.

I really am starting a new phase in life at 71, and I like it! I just need to make it more interesting for you guys to read! 


One thought on “036 – Planes, then trains, then ???

  1. In the past 15 years I’ve taken Amtrak trips mostly from Austin to Chicago or back but I’ve also gone along the coast of California. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to travel even if it isn’t the hyped up Orient express type experience. I’ve always wanted to take the trip you’re taking based on reports of how pretty it can be. Glad you’re getting back to the states for a little bit

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