032 – Reset

This is my first in what I intend to be a new trend – shorter and more “in the moment” posts.

REQUEST! A few people told me they commented on my last post “031 Why Africa” but I never saw them! I have no idea why (at least as of now). I posted a comment myself (not as the site owner) on that blog, and it seems to have worked correctly. Now the request: Please post a quick comment if you are inclined – I want to make sure the feature is working (now?).

On to the reason for the title: “Reset”
I’m in the process of making a major decision to go on a LONG trip, departing within the next year or so. The intention is to take a mode of transportation back to the San Francisco area (like a passenger on a container ship when they start accepting passengers again!) and stay in a bnb for a month or so visiting with my daughter and clearing out my boat currently in storage in Napa. When I leave the area, the goal is to have personal effects off or handled, and the boat up for sale or sold.

After that – travel with no end point determined. I read a story recently by a woman who had been travelling for over five years. Turns out it was WAY less expensive than even a long trip than I had previously envisioned. Destinations determined on the fly, but staying about a month at each destination point anywhere in the world.

I’ve been working “make a difference” here in Namibia and enjoyed not every, but most, minutes of the time. But life takes its own pace, and I’ve been increasingly personally off center. So I may take the next few years to travel, meet people of a similar mind set, and think, read, talk, see, listen, taste, probably suffer a bit (well, maybe just be uncomfortable – I’m going to try and avoid the “suffer part), question, learn, write, take pictures, meet people, move on, stay, and pretty much do whatever seems most appropriate in the moment

Not decided as yet, and LOTS of details yet to come. But I’m going to BLOG the process here.

Meanwhile, I’m going to host discussions with the TED Circles program – I may contact you with an invitation to participate.

I also need to be MUCH better at understanding and using this blog space. Online education and training to follow on how to make this space MUCH, MUCH better!

Contact energizes me – please comment, or follow by clicking the button at the bottom right corner.

4 thoughts on “032 – Reset

  1. Unstructured travel. Sounds glorious even more so in these lock-down times. Bon voyage!

  2. Hi, Andy- kind of busy wrapping up end of year projects, but great to have you surface to the outer world. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Wow! Your plans sound great. That is the type of travel that is truly an exciting adventure. I know you will keep us posted.

    Sending “hearts”.

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