025_Back from Vacation, and matching donations now possible!

Written: 26 March 2017
Posted: 26 March 2017

Last night (Saturday), I returned from a nine day vacation in the Kunene Region (used to be called Kaokoland) of Namibia – North West corner of Namibia, next to Angola, and just east of the Skeleton Coast. It was serious four wheel drive country, and this was definitely not your usual tourist jaunt! We were in the heartland of the Himba people, the tribe that adheres to their customs more closely than any other tribal affiliation in Namibia. Fascinating! I’m going to make a post on that trip, with photos, soon.

For now, I wanted to let everyone know that a friend of mine has offered to make matching donations for new donations until the grant to start the Sustainable Poultry Project is filled! Thank you so much, “J”.

We need to raise another US $2,000 or so to complete the grant, so if you haven’t already contributed, please consider doing it now! You will need to let me know via personal email, or on this blog with a comment, so the exceptionally generous donor can match your contribution. Your donation will be doubled! 

I feel a little like NPR! But we really need your help. Also you could mention this to people you know who might be willing to contribute anything! I’d LOVE to complete the grant in time to announce it Thursday evening this week when Penduka is hosting the American Ambassador, the Turkish Ambassador, the Governor of Khomas Region, and the Mayor of Windhoek with the entire Municipality Council! The Thursday event is a big deal!

Go to https://donate.peacecorps.gov/donate/project/sustainable-poultry-project/, or use this link to DONATE, or tell people to go to www.peacecorps.gov/donate and search out the project under my name, or under “Namibia” (Sustainable Poultry Project).

100% of all donations go directly to the project, I am personally responsible to the Peace Corps for grant accountability, and when this is done the programs for eggs and broiler chicks are self-sustaining; never needing another grant to keep producing eggs and meat for the community around Penduka Village, and making a profit for Penduka Trust. 

Penduka helps empower women and their communities to improve their own lives. Please help us fulfill this mission statement.





3 thoughts on “025_Back from Vacation, and matching donations now possible!

  1. Hi Andy, I recently referred your blog to some friends who are planning a trip to Namibia and so looked at it myself for the first time in months. I’ve just finished moving from my home of 33 years in Mill Valley to Novato and so everything else has been on hold. I can’t help but be curious about how the “chick” project is going; whether you are staying; if you’ve moved to another location in Africa; are back in the USA?
    Hope you’ll be posting again soon. Best wishes with whatever is next!

  2. Hi Andy, I hope this is the correct way to email you.  Per your latest post, just wanted to let you know that I just donated to the cause.  How generous of your friend to match donations!If you need it, the Pay.gov Tracking ID no. is 261G85OA  and the Agency Tracking ID is PCOCI03262b25cb.Hope you meet your deadline!  In any case, good luck with the project.  This must be exciting for you!Glad you had a great vacation,Regards,Barbara Grieco

    1. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much on behalf of Penduka Village. You’ve always been so great about commenting and staying in touch, and it is much appreciated. Andy.

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