015_Chicks and Thanks

Post Title: 015_Chicks and Thanks
Written Date: 18 Dec 2015
Posted Date: 21 Dec 2015

Forgot to post this before I posted the longer blog yesterday. Sorry!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed so generously to the Egg Farm Restart project mentioned in post 013 a little over a week ago. A few of you let me know you had contributed, and I think I responded to everyone that did. There were some donors that did not identify themselves at the time, and the list of donors (unless you opted to stay anonymous – and I hope you didn’t!) won’t get to me until the funds are deposited in about another week or so – after federal security steps have been followed.

Some of you were incredibly generous – thank you so much! I know it wasn’t much money overall, but it was less than a week from posting until I was notified that the goal was reached! That is really, really rare even for a small fund raising effort.

Now we are just waiting for the chicks – and they have been ordered. Since the entire country virtually shuts down for the two weeks around Christmas and New Years, it will likely be January before the chicks are delivered. But we have the food, the space to raise them, and are ready whenever they come.

Pictures and updates will be posted on this site periodically.

Now a request, if you haven’t already done so, would you please FOLLOW this blog site if you are interested in the material? It helps me out a little bit with WordPress (hosts the site) and will give you email notification when I’ve posted a new blog. See the button in the lower right corner of this screen.

The women of Penduka were aware of the effort, and were told that the goal was reached and that we are getting the chicks soon. They were VERY excited and thankful. thank you very, very much for your generosity! You have helped to make a little bit of difference for them.



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