013-Happy Thanksgiving

Title: 013-Happy Thanksgiving
Written: 26 Nov, 2015
Posted: 26 Nov, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It is a holiday that doesn’t exist in Namibia, but many of my Peace Corps friends got together (or will, tomorrow) to socialize and celebrate. It is my favorite holiday in the USA. I’ll miss cooking with my family, but I’m confident they will do well with the Turkey even if I’m not there!

I’ll also miss making mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows with my daughter, but am making a small helping here just to feel like I’m sharing it with her.

Today was really, really busy and very tiring, but a good day. We had three professional photographers at Penduka taking photos for the new brochure I’m designing with Josine, my Dutch colleague. Early indications are that the photographs will be OUTSTANDING and I’m really excited about it. When I get them, I’ll post some.

Not much to say this time – just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day! I’m ten hours ahead of California and it’s Thanksgiving evening here. I’ll SKYPE with my family when they gather for dinner which will be tomorrow morning my time.

I intend to write another blog this weekend with more substance, and pictures. This note was just about Thanksgiving, or the lack thereof in these neighborhoods!

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