FINALLY opened the blog!

Yep – this is; Andy Garrison’s blog post post for Namibia and Beyond! (Thanks to Buzz Lightyear) The tech details finally came together yesterday, so a real site setup is pending for this weekend (I hope).

The boat/home goes into land-based storage on April 5, I leave the Bay Area early in the morning of April 11, and my Peace Corps Group #41 (32 people) reports to Philadelphia on April 13 and departs the next day for Johannesburg enroute to Windhoek, Namibia. I won’t know where I’ll be in Namibia until about a month after we arrive.

It was great to see everyone who was able to make it to the party last night! Thank you for coming. It was a LOT of fun.

More coming later as I have to turn over control of my (now empty) storage area in San Rafael this morning. One more step in disengaging from life, here. Already I’ve disconnected from my car, cell phone (although the same numbers remain), Netflix, Pandora, subscriptions, Clipper card, Fastrak, etc. All that remains, and that will always remain, are the connections with all of you. What could be more precious than that? My phone numbers and PO box remain the same as always. I’ll post contact information for Namibia in a later post.

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