Day 105 – Frustrations of a tech savvy blogger

Written 11 September 2021

I’m in Wichita, Kansas, USA as I write this.

I’m a bit frustrated. I’ve been trying to consider those of you who like images (photos), but for about a month now my image software (Olympus Workspace) won’t import the images from either my Olympus TG-3 camera, OR from copies of the photos on my Google Pixel 5. Both of them worked just fine until then. But now – just the message “Failed to import file(s).” results on importing from either device, or from any drive on my computer. Forums, tech support, etc. do not yield a solution, so being able to put images into my posts is harder than it was and needs to be. It is possible, but this just shouldn’t happen. I’ve searched and tried everything I can think of to find a solution, and I’m pretty good at uncovering stuff using the internet. But “no joy” on this problem as yet.

Yes, I’m looking at alternatives to the current software, but I need time and unplanned attention to make that choice. I really don’t like dealing with technical issues when I’m trying to look inwards, write outwards about it, and fundamentally assess where I’m going in life from here. Sigh…

It forced me to face something I’ve known for some time. I don’t tend to take pictures much – I’m very much more “inner experience” driven, and I know that doesn’t translate well for some people I care about a lot that clearly like the images. (Mike, Tim, and others particularly). But my desire to include images is holding me back.

From the beginning this blog was intended as my “outreach” trying to develop some writing skills and willingness to share my thoughts and feelings. I have zero interest in “monetizing” this blog to get money from it. It was also to help keep my friends in touch with my travels, and images are definitely desirable for that objective. But …

The result is that you may see, almost certainly will see, more text and fewer images for a while, at least. I hope I can write in a way that you still want to read, but if you require the images I won’t have those on the site as much for at least a while. At least I’ve decided that now instead of continuing to delay posting until I can “fix this problem”. Sheesh.

Sorry –

On a “news” note, I’ve found that crossing international borders is difficult, but the requirements are so changeable on short notice (due to COVID requirements from varying countries) that I’m giving up the idea of the international jaunting about envisioned in May when I left Namibia. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for a while until the COVID/travel situation eases up a bit. It is possible – but the time and energy it takes to anticipate details and change plans (and the cost of COVID tests!) simply doesn’t make it very attractive when the entire reason for me travelling was to meet lots of people and have time to think, ponder, and talk.

For instance, on the trip on the Canadian train from Vancouver to Toronto we were not permitted to be outside of our rooms (I had a one-person room) if we weren’t in the dining car for scheduled meal appointments, and we could not sit at the same table with anyone outside of the immediate group we shared a room with. It was like being in solitary confinement in a nice cell with an interesting view of Canada passing by. The Observation car, and the Lounge car, were literally closed. I’m still glad I made the trip, but it certainly didn’t meet the primary objectives of the travel – meet new people.

Getting back into the USA from Toronto, even as a US citizen, was actually harder than getting into Canada! More on that in a later blog. I don’t want to just bitch – I’m glad I’m doing this trip and never expected it to be “according to plan” – travel isn’t like that – but the Delta variant is really mucking things up.

More to come, not so many images, and I’ll do what I can to make this blog worth reading.