Leaving WhatsApp for Telegram

Starting 15 Feb 2021, I will no longer use WhatsApp.
I am now using Telegram for messaging. (see telegram.org).

  • Telegram Username is @Tekhneguy.
    (Type “Tekhneguy” into SEARCH in the CONTACTS section of Telegram.)

I also have a Signal account, and if you’d rather use that, it’s no problem.

My WhatsApp account will be closed on or about 15 March 2021.

15 February thru 15 March, I will only read WhatsApp messages, and reply with a reference to this page.

I realize this will inconvenience some, and I may lose touch with you if you only use WhatsApp. I’ll still have Email, SMS, telephone, Skype, ZOOM, WITWIA.COM, etc. I would like it if you start using Telegram so I can stay in touch, but that is your choice of course.

I will be on both Telegram and Signal normally. I won’t be on others unless you make a specific request, but I will not stay on WhatsApp.


  1. I despise Facebook Inc. and have had serious objections to using WhatsApp since Facebook purchased them. I didn’t see a good alternative – particularly in Africa, or have the personal resolve, until now.
  2. While personal conversations (not data) are still as secure after the Terms of Service changes, new Terms are another step towards Facebook’s consolidation of, and use/sharing of, data pulled from my phone.
  3. I neither respect nor trust Facebook as an organization.
  4. It is one very small thing I can do to not support Facebook Inc. I will probably cancel my Facebook account fairly soon since I rarely use it.

Here are some revealing good (not misinformed) articles concerning WhatsApp versus other alternatives:



The following aren’t so much about WhatsApp as they are about some of the dangers of social networking when it isn’t understood.



These are a complex issues and worthy of analysis and discussion with published material from people much more knowledge and erudite than I am. My summary opinion of the fundamental problem with Facebook is:

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal clear, and oft repeated, driving beliefs attempt to
disconnect accountability from capability without transparency
with minimal approval from the users providing the data.
He and Facebook (and others) put the “blame” for misuse on human nature.
This is not an appropriate assignment of responsibility.

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